Look back at some of our fun active days!

Have a look at our Active Photostory with some of our great active memories over the year!


Be Active Week 2016

Be Active Week is nearly here and we have lots of great activities planned for the week. It will take place from the 23rd May – 27th May 2016 with our Sport’s Day planned for Wednesday the 25th of May. Let’s hope the sun keeps shining for the rest of the month. collage 2 (Small)

Handball League in Rang a haon

There has been great excitement in First Class with the Handball League this week. Each class has 4 teams- blue, red, green and white.

Room 9 has 2 teams in the semi finals, Room 10 has 1 team in the semi finals and Room 13 has 1 team in the semi finals.

Semi finals and the big final to take place next week. We will be practising all week and making banners to support our classmates.

Siúlaimis 2016

Our class aim is to walk all around Ireland. Our school aim is to walk to St Patrick’s Primary School, Koroit, Australia.

Steps to count-

  • Slí na sláínte
  • WOW
  • Home to school
  • School to home

5 laps of our slí na sláinte= 1km

125 laps of our slí na sláinte =25km = 1 foot on our map of Ireland

Our yard is very active and there is lots of walking and talking going on!siulaimis (Small)